Performed in an active RF environment, we constructed and installed two communications towers and a large HF antenna. One of the towers was to support the HF antenna, and the other tower was designed for 6 two-way radio antennas. Each of the 6 antennas that were relocated were connected to critical and active radios stems, so down time was coordinated and minimized.

All materials and tools were shipped via an overseas commercial carrier and delivered to the customer on site. Working with rebar and concrete delivered from a local plant, transmission lines were installed in trenches, which were dug by hand to minimize cable damage, and the rebar cage was tied by local workers. Designed to meet client requirements and design load specifications, each tower was assembled on the ground, set by a crane, and plumbed using a transit. The HF antenna was also assembled on the ground and set by a crane, and then were aligned by a compass. Upon completion, the towers were 60-feet and 80-feet tall, complete with lighting re-installed from the old towers. The entire project took 5 weeks to complete.


Capabilities Applied/Processes The installations of the towers and the HF antenna were accomplished with the use of a crane.
The towers were designed by the manufacture based on the design loads required
Trenching for cables was accomplished by hand digging to minimize damage to existing cabling.
Equipment Used to Install Tower 40 Ton Crane
Back Hoe
Fork Lift
Overall Tower Size 60' and 80'
Construction Methods Concrete delivered from local concrete plant
HF antenna alignment accomplished by compass
HF antenna assembled on ground and set by crane
Rebar cage tied by local labors
Towers assembled on ground and erected by crane
Towers plumbed with transit
Transmission lines installed in trenches
Logistics All materials and tools were shipped via overseas commercial carrier and delivered to the customer on site. All tools were returned via overseas commercial carrier to our facility.
Materials Worked With Rebar and Concrete
Finishing Lighting was reinstalled from old towers
In process Inspections performed Foundation excavation, rebar cage, concrete tested and crane.
Industry for Use Military
Installation Location Central America
Completion Time 5 weeks
Tower Type Self support HF antenna tower and self support UHF/VHF antenna tower