This project consisted of the removal of four guyed towers and the installation of a new, eighty foot tall, self-supporting tower and a new RLPA with a rotator and mast. After conducting calculations, gas-powered metal saws and telescopic all-terrain fork lift were used to remove the four guyed towers. The decommissioned towers, between 60 and 80 feet in height, were cut and removed from the site, and the old foundation was removed by a local excavating company.

Next, the new antenna, tower, and transmissions lines were delivered to the site via contractors and rental equipment. A local contractor also prepared the new foundation for the new RLPA tower, while the rebar cage was delivered and constructed by a local supplier. The antenna was assembled on the ground, while the tower sections were assembled with a forklift. Next, the tower, rotator, mast and antenna were erected with a 70 ton crane, and the transmission and power lines were trenched in conduit from tower to the existing communications room. The transmission lines were pulled by hand.

The excavation, rebar and concrete were inspected and tested by a geotechnical engineering company. The transmission line and antenna were pressure tested. The entire system was tested to ensure it met the manufacturer's standards, requirements, and specifications. From start to finish, the project took four weeks.

Capabilities Applied/Processes -Antenna and tower installations were orchestrated in a safe and efficient manner.
-Tower removals were calculated and controlled.
Equipment Used to Remove/Install Towers-Antennas -70 ton crane (install)
-Telescopic all-terrain forklift (removals/install)
-Trencher (install)
-Gas powered metal saws (removals)
Overall Tower Size 103'
Construction Methods -Rebar cage - delivered and constructed by a local supplier.
-Tower sections - assembled with a forklift.
-Anchor bolts- leveled and set on a wooden frame.
-Antenna - assembled on ground
-Concrete - delivered and poured continuously start to finish
-Decommissioned towers (60'-80') -cut, dropped and removed from site.
-Foundation for new RLP tower -drilled by a local contractor (9'dia. - 20'depth).
-Old foundations - removed by a local excavating company
-Tower/rotor/mast/antenna - erected with 70 ton crane
-Transmission and power lines -trenched in conduit from tower to existing conduit system.
-Transmission lines - pulled by hand
Logistics -Antenna, tower, and transmission lines -delivered to the site
-Contractors and rental equipment -contracted before start of project
Materials Worked With Concrete, structural steel
In process Inspections performed -Excavation, rebar and concrete - tested and inspected by local Geotech Company
-System - tested to manufacturer specifications
-Transmission line and antenna -pressure tested
Industry for Use Government
Installation Location Texas
Standards,Met All components were installed to manufacturer specifications as well as any standards or requirements of the facility.
Completion,Time 4 weeks
Tower,Type Self support