This project involved relocating existing Bogner antennas, removing a 20 year old existing FM broadcast "shark cage" antenna array, and installing a new FM "shark cage" antenna array. Because there were a significant number of additional active antennas on the tower during the installation process, the project was coordinated with the tower owner.

Mounting hardware from Europe was adapted to meet the new antenna's requirements, and all other materials and tools were shipped using our own trucks. A bucket hoist and 5,000 feet of line were moved from the shop and installed on site to lift both personnel and equipment as needed. Extensive rigging was required to accommodate the installation of a number of complex systems, and new combiners and jumpers were installed in addition to the antennas-the antenna panels were assembled on the ground and set using the hoist, then aligned with a compass. Several in-process inspections were performed, as well as post-installation sweep tests. The project took 3 weeks to complete.


Capabilities Applied/Processes Extensive rigging and assembly was required for this job. The tower is very complex with a number of different types of systems installed on it. In addition, some of our mounting hardware was from Europe, and had to be adapted to the new antenna array. New combiners and jumpers were installed along with the antenna array.
Equipment Used to Install Tower Hoist
Overall Tower Size 650 feet +
Construction Methods Antenna alignment accomplished by compass
FM antenna panels assembled on ground and set by hoist
Logistics All materials and tools were shipped via our trucks. Bucket hoist and 5000 feet of line was moved from our shop and installed on site to raise men and equipment.
In process Inspections performed Equipment Safety Inspections. Conformation QC inspections on new antenna components. Sweep tests after installation.
Industry for Use Commercial FM Broadcast
Installation Location Virginia
Standards Met FCC
Completion Time 3 weeks
Tower Type Guyed broadcast tower with candelabra